Enter the code found on the special tag on your Liminal Apparel Traceable Hood, to follow the journey of your hood from farmer to you.

Our Hoodie Tracability System

We’re curious, we love our hoodies and we wanted to share how they came to be with you. UnZipMyHood helps address the question of where your clothes came from, and connect you to the people who have grown, woven and sewn our humble hoodies.

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FLO-Cert, GOTS Organic® & Indian Organic®. Your Traceable Hood© is made entirely from FLO-certified Fairtrade Organic cotton. All of the Traceable Hood©'s manufacturers are certified organic by GOTS, and the cotton producers are certified by Indian Organic. Unzip Your Hood to learn more about each supplier's certifications.

Approximately 95% of the Hood, by weight. Unzip My Hood follows the journey of the Fairtrade Organic cotton fabric and thread in your hood, from farmer to retailer.

Liminal is about sharing the story of where our products come from, once we have worked through all the details of our Hoodies we want to add our other products to be fully traceable also.


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About Liminal Apparel

Liminal Apparel is a social business and Australasia's leading ethical custom garment supplier. Our range of custom garments include tees, bags and the Liminal Apparel Traceable Hood©. All Liminal Apparel garments are made with 100% Organic Cotton under fair working conditions. To find out the latest happenings at Liminal, check out our Facebook page or Twitter feed.